Healing with Tuning Fork Therapy

Healing with Tuning Fork Therapy: 528 Hz, 174 Hz, and 417 Hz

Healing with tuning forks is finally starting to receive a long overdue spotlight. Treating just the body and ignoring our energy field has resulted in mass disease and death, obesity, depression, mental illnesses, and an overall lack of lifeforce.

But the tide is turning. Exposing the faults in the current health system of drugs, hospitals, and pharma-educated doctors we have been purposefully plugged-in to, is causing these systems to be seen for what they are and hopefully causing their downfall.

A resurgence of learning to heal yourself with breath, diet, sunlight, contemplation, and simple, inexpensive energy healing tools such as, yes, a simple tuning fork, is on the rise.

Tuning Fork Therapy at Home

You don’t need to go to a sound healer or purchase an expensive tuning fork set to start reaping the benefits of this amazing therapy. Seeing a practitioner is a fabulous way to progress quickly and benefit from their experience, and owning your own tuning forks is definitely the best choice because one, you can help your family and friends as well as yourself, and two, you will feel the physical vibration of the forks more intensely.

But, because this is sound therapy, you can start right here, right now, by just listening to pure tones. Here is a free video I made of 528 Hz pure tones. To watch and hear more (free) like these, see the links at the bottom of this page.

Tuning fork therapy has helped me to reduce stress and anxiety, and greatly improve my overall wellness. Along with intermittent fasting, which I later added to my life, I have lost 37 pounds and am healthier than when I was 20.

If you want to activate your lifeforce, enhance your awareness, and bring greater joy to your life, then tuning fork therapy is something you must try.

Sound Healing Practitioners

To try a biofield session from a professional healer, just search “sound healer near me” and see who pops up. At some point, I will visit a biofield healer, but so far my (extensive) healing has come through just listening to the videos and working with the vibrations using my own set of tuning forks. I use them at my house and in my car on long trips. Of course, don’t use while you’re driving. One benefit of a clinician is they can work further out in your energy field to areas that you can’t reach yourself.

Biofield Tuning Therapy Session
Biofield Tuning Therapy Session

Tuning Fork Therapy: How To Treat Yourself

The best part of Tuning Fork Therapy is you can do deep, intense sessions, AND you can also listen to tuning fork sounds as background while you work, shop, or sleep, basically anytime, anywhere. They are very healing even when they aren’t your sole focus.

Make a Comfy Place

For a longer, focused session, the first thing I recommend is making a comfortable, peaceful place, where you will sit or lie down. Turn off external noises like tvs, cellphones, etc.

Tuning Sanctuary
Tuning Sanctuary

Ground and Connect to the Earth

Next, you want to ground yourself. Here are three ways:

  • Stand or sit outside for 5-10 minutes with your feet on concrete, dirt, grass, etc. Take deep breaths. Breath in, visualizing energy coming up from 2 feet beneath the earth to the top of your head, hold 5 seconds, then breath out, releasing the energy (breath) up and out of the top of your head.
  • Stand or sit inside, feet on a grounding mat or lying in your comfy spot on a grounding sleep mat (this is what i use), same breathing technique.
  • Stand or sit inside, feet on whatever floor available, same breathing exercise.
Grounding outside is free. Get some sun!
Grounding outside is free. Get some sun!

Which Frequency to Use

There are many different frequencies, but the three that I have found to be the most effective are.

(Also 144 Hz, but more on that in another post).

This is also the order I use them in when I’m doing a long session, but you can just choose whatever frequency feels or sounds most inviting to you at the moment.

How To Use the Forks

Hold the handle of the fork in your hand and don’t touch the prongs (tines). Prongs should sideways (like a stack, once above the other), not flat.

Strike the fork on your striker and slowly move in towards the treatment area to about 8 inches away or until you feel resistance or kind of a fuzzy sound, and hold steady. When the sound has faded, repeat or move to the next area. You can stay in an area longer. Use your intuition and gut feeling or if that’s not your style, just do a few repeats and move on.

In a long session, I make my way around my whole field. In shorter sessions, I may just do a few areas. For a great read with charts on correlated issues and areas to treat, I recommend Eileen McKusick’s book Tuning the Human Biofield, also in audible (but you can’t see the charts), or with the Sonic Slider Tuning Fork (this fork is for hand’s on and not really used in a listening-only session).

Starting on the right side of my ankles working my way up my body, This is the order I move in:

  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Eyes

Now repeat on the left side.

End the 174 Hz treatment at the top of the head. Strike fork, bring in from your side to a spot 4 inches away from the top of your head (fork tines should be flat/perpendicular to head). Sweep upwards as if pulling energy away from head.

Repeat all areas striking the 528 Hz tuning fork once in each area, and then repeat with the 417 Hz fork. These are a refreshing close to the main treatment and you can just do a single strike on each area or more if you’d like.

Intersecting Energy Biofields
Colors of a Healthy Energy Biofield

Biofield Tuning

Biofield tuning is a very effective method of energy healing that uses the pure tone and frequency of tuning forks to balance your own energy or biofield. Your energy contrains (or adjusts to match) the frequency of the tuning fork, clearing negative energy that may be stuck in your field from past trauma or pain, or from chronic negative thoughts, and starts the healing process.

It can release blockages that are affecting your health and frequently has drastic results as the healing of your energy directly relates to the healing of your physical body and mind. Biofield tuning can be a powerful tool for restoring balance and harmony to your whole self.

Intersecting Energy Biofields

This is your life. It’s your time. Become your best you. You can do this! Every moment is a chance for a better tomorrow.

You are the light of the world. You are beautiful, inside and out. Be happy with the now you and the now you will manifest better each day.

I hope these tips help you on your healing journey. Let me know what happens in the comments below!

For more free Tuning Fork Videos see my YouTube shorts HERE.

Best Choice

174 Hz
Tuning Fork

Best Choice

528 Hz
Tuning Fork

Best Choice

417 Hz
Tuning Fork

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Tuning the Human Biofield

Hidden Gem

Tuning the Human Biofield & Slider

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