How to Find an Amazon Seller

How to Find an Amazon Seller

The answer you need is here! As a long-time Amazon seller, I realized how hard it was for our customers to contact us so I had this video made for my own customers. (Watch below). This video instructs on how to contact Starlite Smile, but you can use the info to quickly find out how to contact any third-party seller you wish to chat with.

It IS a little hard to find sellers, so you are not alone in your quest. Amazon terms of service don’t allow 3rd-party sellers to get in touch with customers any other way. But, just follow these instructions and your specific seller will receive your questions via Amazon Seller email and usually get back to you very quickly.

How to Contact a Seller on Amazon

Why is it So Hard to Email an Amazon Seller?

Well, third party sellers like myself would love to know! But, no worries, the video above lays out the exact path on the links to contact amazon businesses. Here are images and written instructions if you don’t want to watch the video:

Go to the particular product listing of the product you want to buy.

Look on the right side of the page under “one-time purchase”. For some customers this will say BUY NOW instead.

Find the small print that says (for example) SOLD BY STARLITE SMILE. Click that.

Now click SOLD BY ____________ (amazon seller name) again.
Now click on ASK A QUESTION.

The Amazon bot will try to narrow down what you need, but if you answer “other” or “none of these” the bot will give you a box to write an email. This is where you can ask questions before or after purchase, or let us know of any issue with your order or product. This should work the same on mobile devices as well.

How to Contact a Seller on Amazon Before Buying

The same instructions above work for before buying and after buying.

Why is it Important to Know How to Email a Seller on Amazon?

Sending a note to the seller with ANY problems is a good idea. This not only the easiest way to get excellent customer service, but it also helps the seller as it protects our seller account and rank, and helps us to improve the quality of the products we make and sell, which of course, leads to better customer reviews available for all customers.

Now, you would think clicking on the store name would be a great way to get to where you need to go, but usually it only goes back to the merchant page (online store) with all of the product listings. You might also think entering the brand name in the amazon search bar at the top of the page would help, but that also tends to lead only to the seller’s amazon page (amazon storefront).

The best part is our video should make it super easy for you to find your seller. And most sellers (like me!) love to quickly take care of any issues for you — our amazon customers — making the amazon marketplace a better place for everyone!

How to Talk to a Seller on Amazon

We the sellers, are here to provide awesome service to you! In fact, our businesses depend on it. Most sellers are not big companies, but are just regular people — small businesses all over the country — just like your local grocery store clerk or favorite waitress. So… if you choose to be nice to us, it really makes our day brighter! 🙂

You can also write seller reviews as well as product reviews and it’s wonderful when a customer takes the time to do this.

I hope this information is helpful to you, to all potential customers and to current amazon shoppers. Have a wonderful shopping experience on Amazon and hopefully you will check out our private label products when you get a chance! Here is our seller link and amazon store page: And our best selling products:

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