15 Signs that You Are a Hockey Mom

1. You try to type the word “office” on your phone, and autocorrect changes it to “off ice.” 

2. You think baseball would be a lot more interesting if there was checking! 

3. You give a Livebarn subscription as a Christmas present. 

4. You use hockey tape to wrap presents. 

5. Someone asks how old your kids are and you refer to their birth years!

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Yes, you may be a Hockey Mom if…

6. You carry gloves in your purse in June!

7. When someone asks which kid is yours and you answer with their number instead of their name. 

8. When your dog plays with pucks instead of dog toys!

9. You plan summer vacations around hockey camp dates and destinations.

10. When your dogs are named Puck and Bauer. 

11. When someone says icing and cake does not come to mind! 

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You are definitely a Hockey Mama when…

12. You know pink Whitney is not a stripper. 

13. Your husband surprises you with heated socks instead of flowers.

14. You take a deep breath of “that smell” and smile. 

 15. When your kids ask if they can quit school and just play hockey! 

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There you have it, the telltale signs that you are a Hockey Mom! If you can relate to any of these, congrats, you are part of a special group of moms livin’ the Hockey Mom Life!

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