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Review: Sound Bath at the Crystal Singing Bowl Lady, Austin

A singing bowl is a type of crystal that is made to produce sound. When you strike it, it creates vibrations that can be felt throughout the body. These vibrations can help improve your mental and physical health.

Singing bowls have been around for centuries, used mostly in religious ceremonies and meditation practices. Now, because of more access to these beautiful instruments of peace and healing, you can increasingly find them used in private and group sound baths and the comfort of your own home.

Here is my review of my visit to the Crystal Singing Bowl Lady in Austin Texas, and my choices for best singing bowls and other healing tools (like tuning forks) that you can use at home.

crystal singing bowl
Crystal Singing Bowl Display from the The Singing Bowl Lady, Austin

REVIEW: The Singing Bowl Lady, Austin, October 2022 (4.5 Stars)


Sandee (the singing bowl lady) has sessions in Lakeway, TX, about 30 minutes from North Austin. The drive is spectacular, through the tree-lined hills and valleys near Lake Travis. Leave early and really enjoy this scenic drive as a meditative, peaceful prep, for your sound bath experience.

Session Environment

The office is small, cozy, clean, and inviting. The energy in the room is instantly relaxing and the ambiance creates a positive vibe as intended. Sandee provides floor mats, pillows, and blankets. I suggest sitting against pillows, or on the comfy red chairs instead of lying down, or bringing your own (thicker) mat as hers are a little uncomfortable.

The Session

She sits next to a crystal singing bowl set with 5 very large crystal bowls and various-sized Tibetan singing bowls. She doesn’t use gongs as some larger sound baths do, but her technique is well-honed and she gets deep, resonating sounds that penetrate your whole body and head (in a good way).

The session starts with Sandee giving a brief guided meditation to help you relax. She has an asmr voice that is comforting and calming and she seems to care about you.

Disposable earplugs are also provided and you may need them if you have sensitive ears. You will hear and feel the sounds like they are actually in your head (with or without the plugs), but listening feels wonderful, not at all distracting, unpleasant, or too loud.

She plays the Tibetan bowls first, and then goes deep into the vibrations and waves of the sound healing time with the big singing bowls, then finishes with the Tibetan instruments. This lasts around an hour.

CONCLUSION—Worth it? Yes.

This therapy is similar to a meditation class but actually much easier to reach states of awareness and connect to consciousness because the physical vibrations entrain your energy field without much effort.

I still feel tuning fork therapy is a deeper, more effective healing practice, maybe with more energetic benefits because of the specific wavelengths, but the crystal singing bowl bath was a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, the $30 ticket was worth it, and I will do it again.

Other Healing Tools

Best Choice

174 Hz
Tuning Fork

Best Choice

528 Hz
Tuning Fork

Best Choice

417 Hz
Tuning Fork

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