Stretch Marks Laser Treatment Before and After
Tips from a Laser Expert

[2023] Stretch Marks Laser Treatments with CO2 Resurfacing

CO2 laser treatments have been used for decades to remove stretch marks and improve skin texture, tone, and color. CO2 lasers are safe, effective, and relatively painless, providing long-lasting results. Specifically done for stretch marks, laser treatments work by removing 60-80% of the damaged skin down to the dermis. So you can see results, such…

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15 Signs that You Are a Hockey Mom

1. You try to type the word “office” on your phone, and autocorrect changes it to “off ice.”  2. You think baseball would be a lot more interesting if there was checking!  3. You give a Livebarn subscription as a Christmas present.  4. You use hockey tape to wrap presents.  5. Someone asks how old your…

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