Best Grounding Mat and Earthing Mats for Sleep and Health

Best Grounding Mat & Earthing Mats for Health & Sleep

Bare feet on the Earth. It’s so simple, but the health benefits for the human body are profound.

When you make direct contact — your skin with sand, dirt, grass, concrete — you are grounding. You are soaking up healing electrons from the Earth. These positive effects of this easy act can increase blood flow, reduce stress levels, improve blood circulation, fight free radicals, INCREASE SLEEP QUALITY (my favorite) and so much more.

For many of us, getting outside is harder than for someone who lives by the beach or in the country. Although it works with direct skin contact to concrete as well, it’s still a great idea to have indoor options such as a desk mat, grounding pad, earthing sheets, or any other earthing product (made with non-toxic materials) for all around positive impact on your overall health.

Clint Ober, the originator of grounding products, was way ahead of his time and the evidence is the growing popularity of these products. As more people begin to experience the amazing benefits — pain relief, improved immune response, length of sleep, help with inflammatory diseases, reduction of morning fatigue, just to name a few —they are embracing the fact that the earth’s natural energy is something we should all be taking advantage of every day and all night while we sleep!

In this article, I discuss my personal experience with the best grounding mat and earthing mats for health and sleep.

Number 1: Ultimate Longevity Sleep Mat

I personally use this every night and have one for travel. I can’t imagine sleeping without it.

sleep mat

Sleep Mat Ground Therapy

Ultimate Longevity Sleep Mat

Increase energy levels by grounding while you sleep.

Clinical studies using indoor grounded sleeping devices showed that the best time for grounding is while you are sleeping. It’s the easiest way to ground on a regular basis, with maximum bare skin contact, and with no extra effort.

Designed and produced by Clint Ober

Just a Few of the Health Benefits of a Grounding Mat

1.) Reduces Chronic Inflammation and Rheumatoid Arthritis
2.) Improved Cortisol Levels
3.) Lessens Fatigue with Better Quality of Sleep
5.) Sports Injuries Pain Reduction
6.) Shift From Fight or Flight to a Relaxed State
7.) Vagal Tone
8.) Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Enhancement
10.) Blood Flow Increase
11.) Lessened Symptoms of PMS
12.) Wound Healing Expedited
More details on these and other benefits in my article 13 Amazing Health Benefits of a Grounding Mat.


20 Medical Thermography Case Studies

20 Medical Thermography Case Studies

20 clinical thermography case studies conducted by the President of the International Academy of Clinical Thermography, Dr. William Amalu, showed positive improvements on inflammation, pain, and circulation through the use of earthing mats.

Number 2: Ultimate Longevity Earthing Universal Mat

This can be used anywhere, but one great place is under your desk. Most of us spend alot of time on our computer working remotely, playing games, or for entertainment. So, you can improve your health with no extra effort by just having this grounding mat under your feet. This is especially helpful in areas where you have carpet or tile, but if your floor area is concrete you won’t need it in that space, just bare feet. Start a new habit of not wearing shoes or socks when possible!

grounding mat

Desk Mat Ground Therapy

Ultimate Longevity Earthing Universal Mat

The Ground Therapy Universal Mat is the perfect all-purpose mat and desk mat. Place it under your desk; then connect to a ground port of your home. Work (or relax) with your bare feet on it. Increase energy levels and productivity!

The Earthing Movie

A young boy and a seemingly insignificant chance encounter. The fascinating synchronistic events that led to a remarkable revelation — possibly the most valuable medical breakthrough of all time. Discover the true story and the science behind this awe-inspiring discovery.

down to earth

Down to Earth Documentary

Product Title


I walk outside daily or least stand outside on concrete (my front patio) with sun on my skin (get your Vitamin D!) for at least 15 minutes a day. I work with a desk mat under my feet and sleep on my grounding mat every night.

I have greater peace-of-mind from restful sleep and better health than ever.

Try it for yourself and your family. You will be surprised what a difference this small-step can make in your life.

Miki Hart

Disclaimer: I share products I use, love, and recommend for my own clients. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks!

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