How to Avoid a Fasting Headache

How to Avoid a Fasting Headache

Fasting has extraordinary benefits for body, mind, and spirit.

There are a few challenges, of course, and the one we’ll cover in this post is preventing the fasting headache. If you plan for it before you start, you’re more likely to succeed with your fast.

You can avoid a fasting headache very easily with just a few inexpensive products. I combine 3 packets in a water bottle, shake, and pour over ice in a yeti and drink all day. It’s a drink that works when you’re fasting (or intermittent fasting) for weight loss, clarity, spirituality, better health, or any reason at all. You’ll probably even have better results because you won’t be debilitated by the headache and instead can do your normal routines without interruption.

Here’s the mix I developed to make sure I’m getting all of my vitamins and minerals during the times I’m not eating.


33.8 oz bottle of purified or spring water, no additives
1 packet Modere GO
1 packet Modere Revitalize
1 packet sugar-free Trace Power Pak

Modere Go

Modere Go

Modere Revitalize

Modere Revitalize

Trace Power Pak

Caffeine Withdrawal

The green tea in the drink mix has caffeine so you shouldn’t have caffeine withdrawal when you stop drinking coffee during your fast or permanently, If your objective is to eliminate caffeine altogether, than this drink will help as a transitional drink so you don’t go cold turkey. Quitting caffeine cold turkey is one major cause of the fasting headache.

After you’ve stopped coffee for a few weeks, you can ease back on the drink mix to eliminate caffeine if you still want to. But, you might find, like I did, that green tea (along with the vitamins and minerals) provides smooth, consistent energy—unlike the buzz and drop of coffee—plus massive health benefits.

I drink about 68 ounces of the mix every day, whether I’m fasting or intermittent fasting or on an off day. It’s helped me to lose 37 pounds (in 5 months), lower cravings, and lower my blood sugar levels. I have more energy now (over 50) than when I was 25 and it’s constant all during the day. I stay hydrated, eat less overall naturally with no shaky feeling, no irritation, and no afternoon energy drop, and sleep better at night.

Fasting With Just Water

You may do great with a water fast. I have a few friends that prefer it. They take ibuprofen for the headache or just sleep through the first couple of days. I don’t like either of those options for myself.

My one and only water-only fast caused three days of pretty painful suffering and I won’t do it that way again. I fast frequently now for weight maintenance, brain and heart health, and spiritual health. I have great success in all areas using the drink mix and never have headaches or hunger.

I’ve also added AutophaChi, once a day, because of the added benefits the ingredients have on inducing autophagy (a huge health benefit of fasting and intermittent fasting). It has Luteolin, Pterostilbene, Quercitin, Piperine, Green Tea, Cinnamon, Bergamot, Turmeric, Ginger Extract, and Chaga Mushroom Powder, for a much better price than buying all of those separately.

I hope this article helps you to avoid the dreaded fasting headache and to keep your energy and motivation up during your fast! You can do it!


Autophachi Fasting Supplement

AutophaChi Fasting Supplement

Luteolin 165 mg
Pterostilbene 50 mg
Quercitin 100 mg
Piperine 10 mg
Green Tea 250 mg
Ceylon Cinnamon, Bergamot, Turmeric, Ginger Extract, and Chaga Mushroom Powder.


This is not medical advice and should not replace the advice of your doctor. You should not fast if you are pregnant, nursing, or have certain medical conditions. Always consult your physician before fasting or drastically changing your diet.

I share products I use and recommend to my clients and friends. Some (not all) of the links in this article are affiliate links for which I receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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