Hey! I’m Miki.

The last few years have certainly been lifechanging.

During COVID, as most things came to a complete stop, it was a time to rethink life for sure. For me it actually ended up being a spiritual journey to a new, more joyous, and simplified lifestyle.

So, my blog was born. This site is about sharing literally everything I know and have skills and experience in—Sound and Light Therapies, my home Galveston, TX, Travel, Intermittent Fasting, Fasting and Autophagy, Music, Lasers, and more.


Where to REALLY eat, the I-live-here-scoop on the seawall and best hotels and why. Do you know which beach turns into a rock beach at night?

Galveston blue water beach
Blue Water, Galveston Beach
Pleasure Pier Galveston TX
Pleasure Pier Galveston TX


In 2022 I finally found what works for me—after two babies and two decades of every diet and fad I could fit into a working-girl schedule. I’ve lost 37 pounds with a lifestyle strategy that uses intermittent fasting and autophagy, tuning fork healing, grounding, red light therapy, lasers, and meditation. I’m healthier and lighter in body, mind, AND spirit than I’ve ever been. This is not just because of my weight loss, but because of the self-care I practice for the whole me.

I’ve learned so many ways to heal and be free since the lockdown. I used that time to change myself into a me I’m very happy to be.


After 12 years as a laser specialist in CO2 skin resurfacing, I have tips about skin, red light therapy, blue light therapy, infrared saunas and blankets, and other wellness treatments. I learned the hows and whys and definitely some why-NOTS that I know you’ll find helpful.


Music for me now is about sound baths and tuning forks—healing body, mind, & soul through pure tones and light language.

I did spend 25 years as a professional singer and percussionist, including 7 years touring with Isaac Hayes (David Letterman Show, MTV, Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall) and 10 years with my own classic rock band.

I certainly loved those times but the fulfillment that was missing in that music, I have found in spiritual, peaceful sounds, and hope you will enjoy my videos of these sessions.

Everything in this blog is designed to bring JOY and to help you be your happiest, best you.

Miki Hart and Secret Party Band
Miki Hart and Secret Party Band