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Get the insider scoop on Galveston Beaches & Restaurants, Self-Healing, Grounding, Light Therapy, Tips on Intermittent Fasting & Autophagy, and more!

Head to the Beach for peace, joy, and fun. It’s an amazing place to just relax or to completely transform your body, mind, & spirit.

On this site learn to how to live in a constant state of Gratitude and Bliss, how to lose your extra weight for good with Intermittent Fasting, how to help your body to heal itself with Autophagy and Biofield Tuning, and much more.

After 15 years as owner of Beautiful Laser Center in Texas, (following 7 years touring the planet with the Isaac Hayes Band and 10 years with my own classic rock band), I simplified my life and started a new journey– sharing everything I’ve learned about sound and light therapies, intermittent fasting and autophagy, lasers, and of course everything about my home, Galveston Island and other South Texas Beaches.

Also healing practices I use, and have taught 1000s of clients to use, to help you improve your life and take off pounds using sound, light, grounding, intermittent fasting, magnetic therapy, prayer, and of course, BEACHES!

Stretch Marks Laser Treatment Before and After
Tips from a Laser Expert

[2023] Stretch Marks Laser Treatments with CO2 Resurfacing

CO2 laser treatments have been used for decades to remove stretch marks and improve skin texture, tone, and color. CO2 lasers are safe, effective, and relatively painless, providing long-lasting results. Specifically done for stretch marks, laser treatments work by removing 60-80% of the damaged skin down to the dermis. So you can see results, such…

crystal singing bowl austin
Natural Health and Wellness | Sound Therapy

Review: Sound Bath at the Crystal Singing Bowl Lady, Austin

A singing bowl is a type of crystal that is made to produce sound. When you strike it, it creates vibrations that can be felt throughout the body. These vibrations can help improve your mental and physical health. Singing bowls have been around for centuries, used mostly in religious ceremonies and meditation practices. Now, because…